• 2018-06-28

How does it work?

ChainLine uses a network of untrusted peers to get products and valuable items to their destinations with near-zero risk.

Behind Chain Line is a bold vision: to introduce a modern peer-to-peer courier platform to address the needs of modern shipping companies and individuals alike.

Chain Line is a functional demo powered entirely by a blockchain smart contract.

Demand a Shipment

Whether it's a new phone or a package from a friend, Chain Line can help transport the goods you need.

  1. Tell it what you need
  2. Deposit the cost of the item
  3. You are matched to a courier
  4. You receive your item!

Become a Courier

Couriers transport items to fulfill demands and earn courier fees.

Register your travel dates with Chain Line and it will try to match you up with someone looking to ship an item from the city you are in. You buy the item and deliver it in your own time.


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