• 2018-07-18

Welcome to Postleaf

I'm Cory, the creator of Postleaf, an open source blogging and publishing app built with Node.js. This article will introduce you to the project and [hopefully] convince you to give it a try.

Postleaf was built for the modern publisher. Many of its core values intentionally don't align with those of traditional content management systems. It feels like we've been doing things the same way for so long that it's become impossible to imagine them any other way. Postleaf is bucking those trends by offering a simple, beautiful alternative to publishing.

Beautifully Designed

A minimal admin panel that just makes sense. Postleaf has everything you need, but nothing you don't.

Inline Editing

The first open source platform to feature a true WYSIWYG experience. Create your content on a page, not in a form.

Dynamic Images

Images are optimized and served responsively without any effort from the user. Never worry about images that are “too big” ever again.

Semantic Markup

Styles are defined by your theme, not your users. No more arbitrary fonts and colors. Focus more on content and less on design.

Simple Backups

Backup your data, themes, and uploads. Postleaf generates a single zip file for everything, and simple JSON exports that are easy to work with.

Open Source

Postleaf is a free, open, and decentralized publishing platform. Everyone is welcome to use it and contribute to the project.


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