• 2018-07-31

What is Zaynix ?

Zaynix first and only decentralized cryptocurrency made especially for investments that generate ethereum just by holding Zaynix the more you hold, the more you get.

Is it safe ?

Yes, Zaynix build on ethereum smart contract offers the safest alternative for investments in cryptocurrency. Developers dont have access to the funds of the smart contract (ETH) or to your wallet, you can read our zaynix smart contract.

Zaynix had a pre-sale?

No, Zaynix not hosted a pre-sale or a private sale. 

Why the zaynix price fluctuates ?

The zaynix price is given by the number of users who use Zaynix, the transactions they make and the total supply of Zaynix. The price differs from day to day.

When someone buy 1 Zaynix (ZYX) The price will increase with 0.00000001 Ethereum. 

Here is an Example: If “John” buy 1 Zaynix Token and soon “Thomas” decide to buy, “Thomas” have to pay 0.00000002 Ethereum in order to have 1 Zaynix token because “John” buy the first. After that “John” Decide to sell 1 Zaynix Token, The sell price for 1 Zaynix Token will be 0.00000002 Ethereum / Token and now “John” have made a profit of 0.00000001 Ethereum, He buy with 0.00000001 Ethereum and he sell 1 token with 0.00000002 Ethereum.


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