• 2018-07-03

What's CryptoBots?

CryptoBots is a multiplayer online game based on blockchain technology. Like any cryptocurrency assets, your bots are your property: you may buy, sell, or exchange them like any conventional collector's items. The introduction of blockchain makes the process secure thanks to this technology's ability to reliably trace ownership.

What do I need to play CryptoBots?

A computer or laptop running the desktop version of Chrome or Firefox with installed MetaMask plugin, a digital wallet used specifically with Ether, a form of digital payment that powers CryptoBots.

How do I get a CryptoBot?

Go to the “Auction” and look at the bots for sale.

How does recycling work?

Recycling allows you to create a new bot by disassembling your spare bots. The parameters of a new bot are based on the parameters of the bots that you have recycled (a generation, a manufacturing cooldown, a battle cooldown, and rarity of the modules). The more bots you recycle the better bot you get. When recycling is done, your spare bots are gone.
  • You can recycle from 3 to 30 bots at a time.
  • You can’t get Fancy, Thrust, and Ether modules.
  • You can’t recycle Fancy bots.
  • Recycling is free, you just pay for gas.


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