• 2018-07-11

Etherpoly is a fully decentralized game, based on Ethereum smart contracts, that combines the use of two set of tokens.

POLY, the first set, are standard ERC721 tokens, virtual cities that users can freely acquire, upgrade and trade.

OLY, the second set, based on standard ERC20 tokens, is the currency system and represents the economy of the game.

By acquiring POLY virtual city tokens, users start earning recurrent OLY revenues - based on an algorithm that takes into account the city’s properties - until the user sells or transfers the POLY token.

The user can then use the earned OLY tokens to upgrade their virtual cities, or acquire additional cities

Once upgraded, cities start earning additional revenues.

There are four types of upgrades, each with their own advantages. Depending on cities characteristics, some upgrades will yield better improvement than others. Hence, the most profitable upgrade for each city will not be the same.


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