• 2018-06-21

What are Tokenimals?

Tokenimals are collectibles, smart contracts built on the Ethereum blockchain. Each collectible represents an animal that you can buy and keep track of on our platform. By purchasing a collectible, you will acquire ownership of the token, and part of the purchase price paid for the token is then transferred to the previous owner. The other part, called “Charity Cut” (set by the previous owner) will be sent to organisations and NGOs dealing with the conservation of animals.

Why do we do this?

Our aim with Tokenimals is to motivate a wider community to participate in a movement to fight for global biodiversity. By purchasing a Tokenimal you will automatically contribute to the preservation of the wildlife of our planet. Each collectible will symbolise your commitment to protect animals and their habitat.

Where does your contribution go?

Here, you have a big say! We are partnering up with leading organisations from all over the world dealing with endangered animal species and global biodiversity. Each week we will hold a vote, where you (tokenholders and the most active contributors) will be able to decide which organisation they want to help that week. The donation from the “charity cut” of each transaction will be automatically forwarded to the organisation’s Ethereum wallet.

What is a “Charity Cut”?

On purchasing a collectible, you will be able to set a charity cut, which will define the percentage you wish to donate to the organisations. Our smart contract is designed so that the charity cuts will automatically be taken and forwarded to the beneficiary organisations once the next person buys your collectible.

How do I know how much I’ve contributed?

Each transaction will be registered on the blockchain and the contributions will be linked to the accounts taking part in the trade. This will enable you to keep track of the amount you’ve raised for the beneficiary organisations in total and build a publicly shareable social profile. We will also keep an up-to-date public list with information on the accounts, which will enable you to see how much others contributed as well.


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