• 2018-07-25

What is Dragonglass?

Dragonglass is the world’s first gamified crypto-mining experience. Mining Dragonglass cryptocurrency is as easy and fun as playing a mobile game. It provides user-friendly and affordable cryptocurrency mining solution to everyone. Besides being fun and engaging, Dragonglass is also powerful: by using hybrid mining technology, it is thousands of times more efficient than traditional cryptocurrency mining methods used to mine such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin.

Dragonglass is a mineable cryptocurrency and utility token. It is an ERC-20 standard digital token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The main features of Dragonglass are its ease of use, affordability and mining efficiency.

Dragonglass is mined by playing a mobile game. Is it a real cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, then?

Yes, it is fully functional ERC-20 standard cryptocurrency, operating on the Ethereum blockchain

What is the purpose of Dragonglass?

Dragonglass was created with the purpose of bringing cryptocurrency mining to the general public. Before Dragonglass, there was no simple and affordable way to mine cryptocurrencies. We strongly believe that cryptocurrency mining will be widely adopted only after the process of mining becomes simple and affordable. Better still: fun and engaging. We also believe it is high time for the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general to head toward a more decentralized and democratic future so everyone can reap its benefits.

Who founded Dragonglass?

Dragonglass was founded by two software engineers – Gleb Skibitsky, an 18-year old programmer from Vilnius, Lithuania and Mart Lume, former employee #1 at the world-famous productivity software company Slack. The project is currently being developed by 13 additional team members and 5 advisors.


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