• 2018-07-27

What's GoCryptobot?

Meet GoCryptobot, a real fun game based on Ethereum packed with cool and playable features. On mobile devices! You can have 100% ownership of the in-game characters, upgrade them on run mode, trade them at the in-game exchange, and even have them battle on PvP mode. Join GoCryptobot, a fun and rewarding game that allows transparent and safe transactions among players. All this is possible on your mobile, don't miss out!

What makes GoCryptobot unique?

GoCryptobot is a mobile runner game that runs on Ethereum, a blockchain network. There are 3 key elements that make this a genuine blockchain game. First, the parts of the Cryptobots are ERC721 protocol items which can be 100% owned by the user. Secondly, users can trade these parts using GCC (GoCryptobotCoin) that is an ERC20 token. Lastly, the PvP mode of the game is executed by a smart contract. You are able to enjoy all these great features thanks to the blockchain technology.

Is there actual play on PvP mode?

PvP mode is a team competition that allows a total of 4 teams to participate on 4 matches. You just need to pick a team you want be in. Each match determines which part of the Cryptobot can participate depending on the abilities needed to play that match. For instance, for bowling will be the head for AI, for tug-of-war the body for strength, for race the legs, and got high jump the booster. The team score is based on the levels of the parts, which means you will contribute to the team also with the level of your part. In addition, your team can earn more points if the parts match the lucky color which is selected by the smart contract. So, it is still real gameplay but a strategy play.

GoCryptobot offers many different characters, but I only got one basic character, why?

We give you a basic bot set when you start the game. Your Cryptobot runs and eats coins until the parts of the bot reach Lv5. This is when the part of your Cryptobot will get a color and a theme which are fixed and unexchangeable.


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