• 2018-09-14

What is TwitterHunt?

TwitterHunt allows you to bet on what Donald Trump will tweet next. Several words are provided and you can place a bet on which word will appear in Trump's next tweet. All you need is an Ethereum account and the MetaMask browser extension.How does it work?
  1. Pick a word from the list you think will appear in @realDonaldTrump next Tweet.
  2. Adjust the bet stake.
  3. Click on the BET button.
  4. Confirm your bet in MetaMask.
  5. Wait for Trump to tweet.

How are the bets settled?

Our system regularily checks @realDonaldTrump Twitter account for new Tweets. When a new tweet is published the bets are settled according to the following rules:
  • Tweet contains one or more words from the list:
    Players who bet on the winning words split the entire pool proportionally to their stakes. In case no bets were placed on those words, all bets are shifted to the next tweet.
  • Tweet does not contain any of the words from the list:
    All bets are shifted to the next tweet.
Bets remain active until there is at least one winner.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

In the WITHDRAW section you can enter the account you used to place the bet to check if you have won and to withdraw any positive balance. The balance will be transferred to the same account that was used to place the bet.

Can I place multiple bets?

Yes, you can place as many bets from the same account as you like, also on different words. Any unclaimed winnings will accumulate until they are withdrawn.I have no Ether.

How can I play?

You can easily purchase Ether using a credit card (or other payment options) on services like btcdirect, without the hassle of going through an exchange. You can also get Ether directly via the MetaMask extension, which allows you to purchase Ether using a Coinbase account or Shapeshift.House edge
You are betting against other players, not against the house. The takeout is 5% of the winnings, which is passed on to the TweetCoin token holders via a lottery.


There is no registration. We do not collect any personal data. All you need is an Ethereum account and the MetaMask browser extension.

Security and transparency

The TwitterHunt backend is implemented as a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, which guarantees the security and transparency of placing and settling the bets, and withdrawing your winnings. You can view the contract here.

What is MetaMask and why do I need it?

MetaMask is a free extension for Chrome, FireFox, Opera or Brave browser that provides a simple Ether wallet that allows to interact with smart contracts. The TwitterHunt backend is implemented as an Ethereum smart contract.


You can view the terms here.


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