• 2018-06-12


The Bounties Network makes it easy to outsource the completion of any task, from code to social marketing, and everything in between. We take no fees on the bounties you create, encouraging any project to post bounties on all tasks, paying out in any ERC20 token or Ether.

Clear requirements tied to payout amounts

Only spend time on tasks you know you can complete, with no last minute changes to requirements

Build a reputation in a public manner

A public history of your past work, and the previous bounties the issuer has paid out.

Be sure the hiring firm has the funds to pay you

All tokens sit in escrow, and are released when the client accepts your submission

Pay in any Ethereum token

Bounties can be paid in ETH or your own ERC20 token, even before the tokens have been sold.

Align the incentives of your freelancers

Freelancers are incentivized to submit their best work, to increase the value of the whole project

Get access to a global workforce

Anyone with an internet connection can instantly begin fulfilling your tasks, regardless of jurisdiction.


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