• 2018-06-21

Enclaves DEX

A liquidity aggregator and decentralised exchange for trading Ethereum based tokens

By aggregating liquidity across multiple venues, hosting its own native order book and having a single unified wallet, Enclaves DEX provides a seamless and convenient utility token trading experience.

Zero fees on native Market orders and 0.2% on native Limit Orders. No additional fees for orders on other liquidity providers.

How it works

Enclaves DEX aggregates liquidity across different external exchanges, initially EtherDelta and ForkDelta. Fees levied by external exchanges are clearly displayed.

As well as external exchanges, Enclaves DEX supports native Limit and Market Orders, with a flat fee of 0.2% on all Enclaves market orders. There are no additional fees for trades passed through to liquidity providers.

All trades for both external exchanges, and natively on Enclaves, are executed from a single wallet.


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