• 2018-06-21

No signup.No deposit.

No wrapping ETH, no withdrawals, no waiting, no extra steps. Ethex has the minimum number of transactions to make or take an order.

Your wallet.Your keys

Whether you’re using Metamask, Ledger, or an Ethex wallet; our DApp never holds any funds and trades are resolved directly with other users.

Open books.

On-chain verifiable order books. We’re not able to obfuscate transactions, falsify volume, or lie about liquidity. Plus, traders can't spoof orders — if you see an order, you know the funds are on-chain to back it.

Useful tokens?

We only list tokens that have utility today. Often this is an ICO that has shipped a DApp, delivered a protocol, or created other functionality. We believe pump and dump groups, price manipulation, and outright scams are far less likely when real teams and companies are delivering true value.


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