• 2018-08-10

What is is a decentralized Ethereum-token exchange platform based on smart contract. It introduces the innovative ROC (Replayed On Chain) trading mechanism that leverages the synchronized off-chain and on-chain ledgers to enable instant trading while making traders' assets safe. is committed to providing the most secure, instant, and low-cost trading experience to end users in all levels.

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Minimum Amount for Trading/Deposit/Withdrawal? enforces a minimum amount for trading on the platform, to make the platform sustainable. For tokens, the minimum amount for trading is 0.1 ETH and is subject to change.

How do We Safeguard Traders' Assets? safeguards traders' assets by the following methods:

a. A trader's asset is kept in the transparent smart contract for trading purpose. itself never keeps any asset of any trader. 

b. An order must be first signed by the trader, and then verified by the smart contract towards execution of the order.

c. Hacking of’ off-chain trading platform can only interrupt trading, but it can never transfer a trader's asset to any other account. Under the extreme case, can still close the on-chain ledger and release all traders' assets to their corresponding accounts. 

The only risk a trader may have is the leakage/loss of his/her own private key. does not have a copy of the private key, neither is there a “I forgot my password” functionality. If the private key is lost, the asset is lost. This is a general property of cryptocurrencies, not unique to


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