• 2018-06-19

Welcome to the official AskSteem API Documentation! In this README you can find some basic steps for getting started, however, for full documentation visit our wiki.

Getting Started

Using the AskSteem Search API for basic queries is super simple.

Search Endpoint

The search endpoint is located at and has one required parameter called q which should be passed a keyword or phrase to search for.

For example: will search the AskSteem index for posts related to the keyword "steem" and return the results as JSON which can be easily parsed by most programming languages.

The search endpoint also accepts a pg parameter to select the page of results to return. If not provided the page will default to 1 and for any given query there is a max of 10 pages that can be returned.

For example: would return the second page of results for the term "asksteem".

Some other parameters for the search endpoint are:

  • include - to include additional fields for each search result
  • sort_by - to sort the search results by a specific field
  • order - used in combination with sort_by to determine how the specified field should be sorted (asc or desc)
  • types - used to specify the types of content to be included in results (user and/or post)


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