• 2018-06-22

What is BOOSTO?

A Creator-Driven Decentralized App Store Without Intermediary

BOOSTO is an influencer driven decentralized app store. It provides a protocol for creating decentralized applications that act like an entire ecosystem and allow developers and companies to easily build DApps that directly interact with individual influencers, influencer networks, social media platforms, and brands with consumers, services, companies and much more.


  • Powerful development framework: SDK, API, Oracle services.
  • Social DApp store connecting developers and social media users.
  • Customizable Influencer DApp store with pre built smart contracts.
  • Trading platform for influencer coins and auctionable collectibles.


BOOSTO provides development framework including SDKs, APIs and Oracle services for developers to develop various DApps. Influencers power the marketing for developers and get the revenue share.


  • 350K social media influencers covering 2B fans.
  • Strong team and prestigious investors.
  • In depth 3 year technology accumulation in AI and machine learning: 203+ million social posts processed.
  • Strong knowledge in influencer marketing: 300+ brands and 2000+ campaigns.
  • Product began testing in Q4 2017.


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