• 2018-06-19

What is DSound?

DSound is a web application that I developed in Javascript, that allows us to upload, listen and discover music and other sounds stored on top of the IPFS Network. It uses STEEM blockchain as a decentralized database, which allows authors to earn rewards in STEEM Dollars cryptocurrency, which can be exchanged directly to US Dollars or any other currency, when other users like or repost our content, in the same way as for blog posts.

I decided to follow the same approach as @heimindanger and develop first and talk after. And I worked almost non-stop until I have this first alpha version to share with you! It is only a minimum viable product of what can become the platform of reference for musicians to publish their songs, promos and recordings and be rewarded for their work immediately, without any publishing and/or distribution involved.

As a musician and DJ as well I deeply understand the music industry and my only aim is to create a platform where I would love to publish my own works, to receive the feedback from the community and earn few bucks with it… And if you also are in the industry, you know how difficult it is to make any money with our creations in the music business these days!

There are some platforms that allow it, if you are signed with a big label, like SoundCloud, YouTube, Apple Music or Spotify, but if you are an indie like myself, you get lucky if you can publish any of your own creations on these channels without being taken down! I had my own creations (without any sampled materials) being taken down for copyright infringement, just because they can.

Even worse for other kinds of creations, which constitute fair use of the copyrighted materials, like remixes, mashups or DJ sets. If you want to share any of these with your fans, nowadays you can’t! If you upload these works to YouTube or SoundCloud in a matter of seconds they are taken down for copyright infringement. This is not acceptable. These are derivative works of the original ones, which serve to promote the authors or give them a different use, like a remix makes people dance to an undanceable song, or a DJ set which mixes and blends together several tracks to produce a completely different sound vibe. These creations deserve to be published and their authors deserve to earn their bucks if people like it!

So, the copyright law is broken and needs fixing. But in these last cases, besides being fair use, the industry is abusing the small creators with their super-powers making it impossible for them to survive without working other jobs to put food to their tables, instead of focusing on creating and spreading love! But this is about to change with DSound!!! :)


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