• 2018-09-05

Introducing your new virtual assistant

Your virtual assistant will be able to connect you with different people around you based on your needs, interests, skills, tastes and passions. This virtual assistant has the particular ability to ask. It is designed with the idea that by asking the right questions you can progressively get better answers. Your little new friend is able to learn about you and your abilities, to know your interests and passions, to empathize with your state of mind, to detect your needs and to connect you with the right people.

Knowing your location and your free time, your assistant will be able to make suggestions based on your interests and personal and/or professional aspirations. Just like a good friend, his goal is to help you realize your potential and establish a connection between you and the people who can help you or who you could help.

What is Hands for Work?

Hands for work is a solution designed for companies to meet the pressing needs within organizations. In large organizations human capital usually offers a great potential that tends to remain unexplored due to lack of connection among its members and the absence of a dynamic and natural way of sharing knowledge. Hands for Work is a solution specially designed to favor and promote human relations in the work environment, so that knowledge flows through the organization in a dynamic and natural way, thus creating a healthier work environment.

How does the chain of favors works?

Each time a new user registers in hands, he or she has the possibility to upload over ten of his abilities. For each new skill that is registered in the platform, the user must grant 3 free hours to the community in order to validate his/her skills. This verification process works for starting helping others with their needs and building a reputation in the platform as well as promoting chains of favors where the needs will then be solved by other users that register their abilities in the platform.

How can I pay for the services provided?

There are multiple ways you can pay other users. You can pay in cash, by credit or debit card. The user who receives the payment has the possibility also to receive credit in hands coins, our virtual currency, that in the future will be used for the payment of other services.

How much does it cost to use Hands?

Hands is a free app. Only some application modules designed to solve business problems have a cost. In the future the opportunity will be offered to personalize your virtual assistant and choose searching options that are more segmented and personalized.

How Safe is Hands?

Protecting the data that users trust hands with is our first priority. Hands uses physical safeguards, procedures and techniques to preserve the integrity and security of information. We regularly back up data to prevent their loss and help recover it if necessary.

How can I help Hands?

There are many ways you can help us, joining our community is one of them. You can help us raise the funds we need to continue promoting the project, give us your time with specific advice, share your ideas with us or just tell your friends about this new application.


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