Pekka Wizard Unbeatable Deck

Pekka Wizard Unbeatable Deck

Hi everyone, how’s life? Who has been watching the world cup 2018? The final will be held soon enough! Make sure to watch it together with friends or families. Okay, I think it’s enough for the intro, now back to business…The Clash Royale Kingdom with Zero here, discussing Pekka Wizard unbeatable deck.

So what do we get today, the strongest troop in the game, Pekka. Everybody knows Pekka is so strong that she only has a weakness towards troops in a pack. That’s the reason she needs her support, and the strongest splash damage for air and ground troop is no other than Wizard. What will happen if we combine them both? Let’s find it out in today Clash Royale strategy.

Now, who else should join forces with them? Check the deck below

In this deck, Royal Ghost is mainly used for a supportive purpose, when you see the opponents are using troops like skeletons, goblin gangs, make sure you use him. Because he can splash them easily and mostly take the first move, well you know he is a ghost, so he can approach the enemies unseen. That’s his main strength.

How about bats? Well, bats are also the same with Royal Ghost, they are mainly used for defending, so if your opponent uses some ground units approaching your towers. Make sure you use them. Moreover, of course, you need to hope that the enemies don’t have zap lol. So what will happen if they have zap? You still can use night witch to protect both air and ground attacks. Their combination will surely protect your towers solid.

This deck is equipped with two spells. One is super destructive, and another is lightning fast. Only use Rocket when you see your opponent is using Elixir pump or when you look at it is an excellent chance to use, like when the opponent troops all are in a group. For Zap, well use it to smooth the way for Pekka to reach the tower.

Okay now, let us discuss further the gameplay using this Pekka Wizard Unbeatable deck.

We will divide the gameplay into 3 phases, so you can know which strategy to use better on certain phases.